Canoe Kit

We've packaged the essentials together so you can head out on your own canoe trip. Essentially, a canoe trip is a camping trip but you access your campsites via paddling there in a canoe. Thus, you pack your equipment in waterproof bags and barrels. Behold, the canoe kit!

Rarely can you ever fit a camping trip in the pre-envisioned timeframe, so we've designed this package to span 24-hours plus an additional 'half-day' rental period. This means, instead of having to drop you canoe kit back at Jake's Landing at 10am, because that's when you picked it up the day prior, you can actually keep it until a few minutes before we close on your final day! Wow!

The Canoe Kit includes:

1 x 16ft Polyethylene Canoe (plus kid seats, if needed)

2 x Paddles (plus kid paddles if needed)

2 x PFDs (plus kid pfds if needed)

1 x Boat Safety Kit (500ml cloth bailer, 15m buoyant heaving line, whistle)

1 x 30L Food Barrel (great for keeping racoons stymied)

1 x 115L Dry Bag (just incase...)

The Canoe Kit pairs really well with the Keji Camp Kit.